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Bringing over 35 years of experience in fine writing instruments, Monteverde USA® has long been recognized as a leader in quality products, utilizing innovative design and technology. In a world that is constantly evolving with new technology advancements, there is always a need for tools that keep up with the pace. Monteverde has done this being the first to combine a touch screen stylus with quality pen with the introduction of the patented One Touch Stylus series. Continuing in that tradition, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary new Monteverde 365 Everyday Collection. The 365 Everyday Collection includes the largest selection of touch screen stylus pens and accessories available today, and all built with the quality and value our customers have come to expect.

 Our philosophy for the touch screen stylus is that even though most devices are designed to be controlled by your fingers, there are often times when a precision stylus is the best tool for the job. The important thing is to have a stylus easily available when needed or desired. What better place to have a stylus than on a tool that you use every day, the ballpoint pen! Having a stylus on a pen is like having an eraser on a pencil; you may not always use it, but when needed, the eraser does its job efficiently and quickly. We envision the day when every single pen in the home or office will have a stylus built in, ready for you to easily grab and use when needed.

With our core values of innovation, quality and excellence, we hope to bring functionality and fun to your world with the new Monteverde 365 Everyday Collection. 

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