iProtect Antibacterial Ballpoint Pen

Available Colors White
Suggested Retail 2 PC Blister - $3.99
24 PC Z-Display - $47.88
36 PC PDQ - $143.64
50 PC Tub - $99.75
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Zinc Ions Additive

Certain microbes are harmful to humans and, if left free to spread, will proliferate to cause infections and diseases. Monteverde USA® has created iPROTECT® the antibacterial pen, moulded in ABS with an antibacterial additive. iPROTECT guarantees 99.9% protection against bacteria. It is ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801) accredited and its effectiveness last as long as the life of the pen. The antibacterial action is water, scratch and UV proof and antiallergic. iPROTECT characteristics render it a promotional product also suitible for the medical and pharmaceutical fields as in your child’s hands in school.